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            Thai Printing Dyeing Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 1984. Initially, the company engaged in the service business of printing fabrics by hand, which was employed to print both piece fabrics and yard fabrics with the labor of just a few employees and served just a few customers.
            Thanks to the quality of products and an excellent service, there were a gradually growing number of customers interested in using the service. The company grew up fast and in a short period it enlarged its potential to serve by introducing modern fabric printing technology from abroad, including various quality accessories, to meet the number of customers and respond to the demand of the growing quantities of products, including the ability to serve customers efficiently. Currently, the company has a total of more than 100 employees, and the majority of its customers would be customers exporting to various countries, e.g. America. Japan and various countries in Europe.
            At present, the company renders the service of printing fabrics and designing printing patterns with CAD-CAM computers, using film-making machines and printing machines with names accepted in Europe for the precision and sharpness of printing patterns, thus making it possible to do works that emphasize the matter details in exceptionally large quantities. Also, other raw materials are imported primarily from Europe. There are some parts imported from Japan and Taiwan.
            The company has engaged in development in order to make one more step by introducing a quality management system to develop production so as to upgrade the quality of products, while also creating for itself the potential of stepping up to be a fabric printing service company at the front - line level, including making the service accepted both at home and abroad. This success in quality work management has earned for the company an ISO 9002 standard certificate from the certificate body named RW TÜV from a company chain in GERMANY in the field of printing of fabrics in 2000.
            The practices regarded as forming the companyj's policy on working are the cleanliness of the workplace and the surrounding areas, disciplinedness in work performance in all departments, time-keeping in work delivery, honesty to customers in identifying the quality of the goods produced, including giving assistance and advice when customers have product problems.
            All for rendering the service and producing works with a high quality, which would bring the maximum degree of satisfaction to all customers trusting in and using the service of the company and we also continue developing ceaselessly so as to increase the potential of working with and endless innovation.

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